MI – Night Stalkers Haunted House

We’re Back! Mid Michigan’s Best Haunt for years, Night Stalkers Haunted House is back bigger, better and scarier than ever! Night Stalkers Haunted house is now located in downtown Saginaw Michigan! Located in a massive 5 story 60,000 square feet building, Night Stalkers will attack you relentlessly as your deepest and darkest horrors come to life right before your eyes. Come inside out of the rain and elements as you wait in our HUGE indoor waiting area. Enjoy the show as you wait your turn to enter the haunt. There is nothing like it anywhere in the state. Come visit us again and see once more why Night Stalkers is the only haunted house you need to see this year!
It has long been suspected that the government sponsored testing lab Biotech was involved in some non-mainstream research. Just found recent documents confirm there may be a more sinister direction than we ever could have imagined. Below is an excerpt from a recently found document.

Government Funding came in today, not that we need it but it’s always a nice touch. In combat sectors, research to build a stronger more perfect solider is always in high demand and is always being researched. Genetic coding has long been a fairytale except to those who are willing to have the upper hand at any cost. It amazes me how easy it is to persuade our investors, they accept whatever data we give them. Show them a little progress and they go away oblivious and pleased. I wonder how much they would support us if they knew what was actually being done in our concealed laboratories.

How different things could have turned out if I wasn’t sought out by BioTech, six years ago. Growing up, I’ve seen what most people only think exist in fiction novels. Bio patiently waited till I was ready to recruit. I tried to convince myself it was for the money and that it was too good to pass down. But the fact of the matter is I never cared about the money. I’m here because I truly love it and can express my true self and satisfy the madness that wants to express itself.

Six years ago, I never would have imagined such monstrosities, and that they could be manipulated to fit our needs. With the successful integration of the Lycan and human embryos, as well as reanimation of dead tissue that regenerates successfully by itself, the possibilities are endless. How blind we all are to what lurks around us. The world has its secrets which I will devour and control.

Our main concern is containment. Test subjects are growing stronger and more violent all the time. They are becoming more and more difficult to contain. Now it seems hardened steel is not enough as we have had incidents with steel restraints. Like most living or in this case undead, they do not like being caged up, it only seems to increase their already incredible rage. Most of the subjects seem not do not have any reasoning capabilities they run on just raw killing instinct.

Evil is now my companion because I know it more closely than most do, and I will use it to thrust me into greatness no matter the cost.

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